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Xiaomi Mi Car Charger USB įkroviklis Sidabrinis Auto įkroviklis


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Techninės detalės

Prekės tipas
Įėjimo įtampa
DC 12V/24V
Išėjimo įtampa
5 V/ 2.4A (MAX 3.6A)
YD / T2306–2011
Korpuso spalva
Aliuminis+ ABS

Keliaujant automobiliu aplink miestą arba atostogaujant, dažnai prireikia pasikrauti įvairius prietaisus. Automobilinis įkroviklis „Xiaomi Mi“ skirtas išmaniajam telefonui, planšetiniam kompiuteriui, navigacijai ar kitiems prietaisams krauti. Įkroviklis turi dvi USB jungtis, todėl vienu metu galėsite krauti du įrenginius, įkroviklis automatiškai nustato įkrovimo įrenginį ir automatiškai reguliuoja išėjimo galią. Automobilinis įkroviklis „Xiaomi Mi“ pagamintas iš aukštos kokybės metalo, yra itin lengvas ir kompaktiškas.



Xiaomi Mi Car USB įkroviklis Sidabrinis

Per savo keliones automobiliu po miestą ar atostogaujant, dažnai būtina palaikyti mobilaus telefono įkrovimą. Todėl kiekvienas automobilio savininkas norės turėti Mi Dual USB automobilinį įkroviklį, kad galėtu įkrauti savo telefoną bet kuriuo metu. Šis automobilinis įkroviklis turi dvi USB jungtys, kuriu dėka galite vienu metu įkrauti du skaitmeninius įrenginius. Tuo pačiu metu Mi Dual USB automobilinis įkroviklis identifikuoja įrenginį ir automatiškai reguliuoja galia. Be to, jis turi aukštos kokybės gryno metalo išorinį korpusą, kuri yra gana malonu liesti, o įrenginis patogiai telpa rankoje



Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

Must have for any car

During your trips by car around the city or on vacation it is often necessary to keep a mobile phone navigator and other applications enabled, which leads to a rapid decrease of the smartphone charge level. Therefore, each car owner needs the Mi Dual USB Car Charger for his smartphone or other gadgets recharging at any moment. In our car charger there are two USB ports, thanks to which you can simultaneously charge two digital devices. At the same time the Mi Dual USB Car Charger identifies the charging device and automatically adjusts the output power. In addition, it has a high-quality all-metal outer case, which is quite pleasant to the touch, and the device fits comfortably in your hand.

High-quality all-metal outer casing

18 technological processes to create the desired shape

The all-metal outer casing of Mi Dual USB Car Charger is made of selected 100% machined brass, which quickly conducts electricity, has good heat dissipation, excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. In order to form the outer housing there has been used a high precision metal processing technology CNC, then we also have used polishing, galvanizing, laser carving and 18 other manufacturing processes. The silver metallic color will fit perfectly to any vehicle.

All-metal outer casing

The complex process of form creation

18 technological processes

5V / 3.6A Dual USB for simultaneous charging of two devices

Maximum output power of one port is 5V / 2.4A — fast recharge

Mi Dual USB Car Charger has two USB ports for simultaneous charging of basic and additional devices. Maximum output power of two ports reaches 5V / 3.6A, and the maximum output power per port is 5V / 2.4A, which provides really fast charging.

Compatible with major brands of smartphones and tablets

Smart output power control function, MacBook charging

Mi Dual USB Car Charger identifies the charging device and automatically adjusts the output power. Equip your car with an original charger. Support of Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, BlackBerry and many other major brands of smartphones and tablets. It is also possible to recharge digital cameras, portable gaming devices and even the new MacBook via USB Type-C port. The solution of all issues without any problems.

Suitable for major (mass produced) car models

Durable contact, reliable fixation, the device is suitable for cigarette lighters of different sizes and with different power connectors. Support of 12V / 24V input voltage, compatibility with major mass car models.

High-quality controller (electroscheme)

5 kinds of short-circuit protection for safer use of the device

The use of the controller by American company “Eurotechnica MPS”, the presence of 5 protection types, not only increased efficiency of device charging, but also the safety of your favorite car and gadgets.

Overcurrent protection — preventing the passage of too much electric current through the charger

Short-circuit protection — self-protection against short circuit during operation

Excessive pressure protection — protection of the charger against too high output voltage

Electromagnetic interference protection — the use of MPS Low EMI

Overheating protection — automatic protection of the charger at high temperatures

Electricity conversion factor — 95 %

Complex optimization of charging efficiency

Built-in USB Smart chip that not only ensures safety but also is able to automatically detect the power distribution. The electricity conversion ratio reaches 95 %, which is better and more stable indicator compared to conventional car chargers. The high rate of power conversion, excellent temperature control even at maximum operation of Mi Dual USB Car Charger.

White round LED which indicates the operational status of the device

Fashionable and stylish LED indicator, which is perfectly visible even in the dark, indicating the operational status of Mi Dual USB Car Charger.


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