Fibaro Wall plug Z-Wave


Wall Plug
A smart switch with power metering for electrical devices
Fits perfectly
FIBARO Wall Plug is the smallest and most attractive device of this type available in the world. Its modern design perfectly fits in with any interior design.
Every detail etched with precision

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Fibaro Wall plug Z-Wave

The FIBARO Wall Plug has been meticulously / precisely designed, down to every little detail. Let it enchant you with its precision and the top tier quality of its hardware coupled with a sophisticated design. Breathtaking beauty and uncompromising reliability come together in the form of this device.
Power metering
The FIBARO Wall Plug comes equipped with a power measurement feature. It helps you effortlessly identify the most energy-hungry pieces of hardware or monitor energy usage in particular rooms or during particular periods.

  • Wireless communication
  • Type F
  • Activating complex scenes
  • Smart notifications
  • Works with Android and iOS devices
  • A wide range of operation

Kintamosios srovės įvesties įtampa: 230 V
Kintamosios srovės įvesties dažnis: 50/60 Hz
Maksimalus diapazonas lauko sąlygomis: 50 m
Maksimalios ribos viduje: 30 m
Valdoma nuotoliniu būdu: Yes
Tipas: Actors
Šviesos diodų indikatoriai: Yes
Lizdų kiekis: 1
Išvesties jungčių tipai: Type F (Schuko)
Apsauga nuo perkrovos: Yes
Perdavimo galingumas: 1 mW
Maksimali galia: 2500 W
Įvesties jungties tipas: Type F (Schuko)
USB krovimo prievadas: No
Specialios funkcijos: Ultra plug play, Check historical consumption, Real time energy monitoring, Child safety, Faulty device report, Load under control, Built-in network range tester, Remote control of devices plugged in

Fibaro Wall plug Z-Wave
Išvesties sąsaja: 2500 W
Kitos savybės: Fibaro Wall Plug is a universal relay switch in the form of a socket adapter. The Plug features power consumption measuring and uses a crystal LED ring to visualize the current load by colour changing illumination. The device is equipped with a special, built-in plug cover that provides socket safety. The device is the safest wall plug in the world because it doesn’t allow inclusion of a damaged device if it is short circuited, thereby protecting the entire electrical system against damage.
Palaikomi tinklo protokolai: Z-Wave
Gaminio spalva: White
Ryšio technologija: Wireless
Aukštis: 6.5 cm
Gylis: 4.3 cm
Dažnių diapazonas: 868,4 Mhz
Energijos suvartojimas: (ekonominiu režimu): 2920 W W
Energijos suvartojimas (standartiškai): 2920 W W


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